Kamal Khumar

Data Analyst

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About Me

Knowledgeable, with abilities to handle data analysis with superior details. Driven, self-motivated and energetic therefore effective at completing tasks with minimal supervision, also by being a dependable individual for teammates with great time management skills. By nature a confident leader and enthusiastic participant and communicator with varies certification in interpreting and analysing data reinforced by excellent statistics, mathematics and analytics tool knowledge for effective analyses of data. Passionate about working with large data and have been keen with interest in the field of data visualization, fascinated by the power to compress complex datasets into an approachable and appealing graphic to insight future prediction for business decisions.

Career Objective

Seeking an opportunity with a motivating and challenging position to leverage my diverse skills and experience in data mining and analysis into the open Data Analyst position at your organization that also would increase business productivity of the organization and in turn enhance my skills and competency. Aiming to utilize my strong prioritization skills and analytical ability to achieve the goals of your company.


Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai

Project Intern

Learnt fundamentals of pharmacovigilence and identification of signals and management. In addition, learnt pharmacovigilence algorithms VigiRank and VigiGrade.

Tactii and TactLabs, Toronto, Canada

NLP Engineer

Learning experience In Natural Language Processing tools and modules for its applications in text mining. Working on real world data using SpaCy, CustomNER and Bert modules.

CodeBind Technologies, Chennai

Web Developer

Learned about the fundamental scripting skills to look for in a web developer training program which includes HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Also, I got an idea for hot programming skills for back-end web development positions including PHP, XML, and SQL.

National Small Industries Corporation Ltd, Chennai

IoT Learner

Learned how to control all the electronic devices to function automatically through the internet. The main purpose of Internet-connected devices has been to enable communication with each other and to access online data and processes. Also, I learned how IoT devices generate real-time data that we can then analyze and use to create desired business outcomes.

OneYes Technologies, Chennai

Arduino Learner

Learned how to time things using Millis() instead of Delay() so we can free the processors to do things. Also, I learned how to define tasks as state machines that can execute independently of other state machines at the same time.


St.Joseph's College of Engineering

August 2017 - Present

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering

SSM Lakshmi Ammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School

May 2016 - April 2017

Grade 12 in Computer Science

SSM Lakshmi Ammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School

May 2014 - April 2015

Grade 10


Text Classification with BERT model

This Multi-label text classification project employees to classify a document or a text snippet that can belong to multiple classes. Here, Wikipedia comments are classified into one or more categories based on their socalled toxic content with BERT model

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Human Activity Recognition Analysis

In this project, I calculate a model by which a smartphone can detect its owner’s activity precisely. After preparing the datasets and doing some machine learning methods, found that the random forest method performed the best on predicting the user’s activity by the precision of 87%.

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Podcast Recommendation Engine

Recommender systems take the things that you like, and find other similar things. All your favorite apps and businesses use one - Spotify, Netflix, Amazon. In this kernel, I'm going to use iTunes podcast data to build a recommender system, and see if I can't find some new podcasts that I'd like.

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Custom NER for Product Identification

A classifier was developed to classify the reviews of Garnier product using NER which involved training of the model over hundred times to get an accurate result with minimum loss followed by deploying it using Flask app.

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Text Summerization using spaCy

This project is based on extractive text summerization technique which is used to extract important information or sentence from the given text file or original document using spaCy.

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COVID-19 Visualization

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses which may cause illness in animals or humans. The number of new cases are increasing day by day around the world. This dataset has information from the states and union territories of India at daily level. So, created various views from the data to make a viz for the users to interact and get easy understanding.

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